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NYE Ready in Sequins

New Years Eve Outfit #fashion Pussybow from Nasty Gal, button up from Brooks Brothers #fashion Milly sequin pants #fashionNew Years Eve Outfit #fashion Milly sequin pants #fashionNew Years Eve Outfit #fashion Milly sequin pants, MK watch, Hermes cuff #fashionMilly sequin pants #fashion

Sequin pants: Milly (I also like this skirt, and this jumpsuit) // Blouse: Brooks Brothers, Nasty Gal bow (bow no longer available, similar here) // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelets: Hermes, Stella & Dot, Kate Spade // Clutch: Banana Republic (old, similar style here) // Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad (old, similar style here) // Lip Color: Bobbi Brown (Red)

The husband and I don’t have any huge plans for tonight, just dinner reservations at Peché and then we’re heading over to a friend’s house to ring in the new year. Even though it will be low key, the only reason I need to wear sequins is the fact that it’s New Years Eve! Usually, I choose a dress to wear on NYE, but this year I wanted to change it up a bit. These Milly sequin pants were the perfect option for me (I also like this skirt and this jumpsuit by Milly). I just paired it with a simple button up blouse and added a pussybow for a little interest. Whatever you’re doing tonight, have fun and be safe!

Happy New Year!


These pictures were taken by the lovely and talented Jessica Scott


Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch

Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclink

There are so many recipe variations out there when it comes to punch. Really, there’s no strict rules – which is part of why punch is so great (besides the fact that it’s delicious, of course). 😉  Today’s Pop Liz Clink recipe, Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch, is one of those super simple crowd pleasers that takes less than five minutes to make, but will keep folks coming back for more!

This sparkling punch recipe is great for a New Year’s Eve punch, but it’s also a great recipe for wedding showers, baby showers (switch to a lime sorbet for a baby boy), and bachelorette parties. Really, anytime you need a simple drink that will serve lots of people, punch is your best bet.

Ingredients for the Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclink

All you need is orange juice, ginger ale, raspberry sorbet, two bottles of sparkling wine or champagne, and orange slices for garnish.

Scoop out the raspberry sorbet and add it to the punch bowl #recipe #poplizclink

First, scoop your sorbet into your punch bowl.

Add the orange juice to the Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclink

Next, add the OJ.

Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclink

Then, add the ginger ale.

Pop the champagne! #poplizclink

Now, take a quick break to pop the bubbly! Cheers! (P.S. how fun is my “Cheers!” sweater?!)

Add the champagne to the Sparking Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclink

Add the champagne.

Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclink

Cut orange slices for garnish.

Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclink

Finally, gently mix it all together.

Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclink

Be sure to serve immediately so you don’t lose your fizz!

Sparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclinkSparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclinkSparkling Orange Raspberry Punch #recipe #poplizclink

And there you have it! A super simple, 5 minute punch recipe that’s perfect for New Year’s Eve!


  • 1 quart raspberry sorbet
  • 1 container orange juice
  • 2 bottles sparkling wine or champagne of your choice
  • 1 2-liter bottle of ginger ale
  • Optional: orange slices for garnish


  1. Chill the orange juice, champagne, and ginger ale.
  2. Scoop (or place entire block) of frozen raspberry sorbet into punch bowl.
  3. Pour the chilled orange juice over the sorbet.
  4. Pour the chilled ginger ale into the punch bowl.
  5. Pour both bottles of chilled champagne into the punch bowl.
  6. Stir gently (it’s ok if it gets foamy).
  7. Garnish with orange slices, and serve immediately.



P.S. I would love to celebrate with y’all, so be sure to share with me your own champagne experiences using the hashtag #poplizclink on social media.

These pictures were taken by the lovely and talented Jessica Scott


You can find my “Cheers!” sweater (on sale) here.


West Texas Getaway Part 2: Marathon and Big Bend National Park

Even though our getaway to West Texas only lasted four days, it was so action-packed I had to split it up into two separate posts. So, if you’d like to read about the first part of our trip – our time in Marfa – you can check it out here.

After our time in Marfa, we made the hour drive over to Marathon, Texas. Really, there’s not much to this small town except for the historic Gage Hotel, which was beautiful and such a gem in the middle of the desert.

The historic Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas #travelThe historic Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas #travel

Walking into the lobby, you’d never guess you were entering a hotel in a small West Texas town. Both the lobby and our guest room were beautifully decorated, striking the perfect balance of Texas charm and modern appeal. The hotel’s White Buffalo Bar, which gets its name from the massive white buffalo head adorning one wall inside, was the perfect spot to relax after a long day of exploring the area – we ended both our nights sipping cocktails in front of the fireplace on the bar’s patio (it really was perfect, y’all).

The historic Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas #travel

Above is a shot of the inside of the lobby.

breakfast at Marathon Coffee #travel

For breakfast in Marathon, I recommend Marathon Coffee. There’s nothing fancy to it, but that’s why it’s so great. Just simple, southern breakfast staples done well. I could see how it could get a little slow if there was a crowd, but fortunately for us, there wasn’t too much of one while we were there.

breakfast at Marathon Coffee #travel

Just casually sippin’ my coffee before we hit the road again….

breakfast at Marathon Coffee #travel

I ordered the biscuits and gravy, which seemed to me to be the obvious choice in an establishment like this one. After all, I needed to fuel up for our big day ahead at Big Bend National Park!

Big Bend National Park in West, Texas #travel

The park is huge, and we didn’t have enough time in our trip to see it all, so we made the best of the time we had available and just drove through as much of the park as possible. It was the first time that either my husband or I had visited a national park, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect and were a little apprehensive as to how it all worked. But, turns out we had no reason to fear. The park ranger we met when paying our entry fee was really friendly and helpful with recommendations and gave us a super-easy-to-follow-along map (necessary here since cell phone service is spotty).

Big Bend National Park in West, Texas #travelBig Bend National Park in West, Texas #travelBig Bend National Park in West, Texas #travelBig Bend National Park in West, Texas #travel

As you can see from the pictures above, the park is absolutely gorgeous. I had no idea Texas had this type of terrain – I’ve seen the plains, the bayou, the coast, the piney woods, and the hill country – but never desert and mountains like you see here.

Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park in West, Texas #travel

The neatest area of the park that we saw, in our opinion, was the Santa Elena Canyon. The awesome canyon formation was carved out by the Rio Grande River, which runs right through it. It was really something to see, so try to check it out if you’re there.

Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park in West, Texas #travelMcDonald Observatory Star Party in Fort Davis, Texas #travel(Photo Cred: Vicki Gibson)

After driving through Big Bend National Park, we headed over to Fort Davis, a true Texas mountain town and home of the University of Texas’ McDonald Observatory, for a Star Party. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but had heard great things from a few friends who had done one. It definitely lived up to the hype.

Make sure you reserve tickets – it was surprisingly crowded considering the sparsely populated land we had to traverse to get there. Also, bring coats and a blanket – even in the summer. It’s cold up there.

But getting back to the Star Party…. Basically, Fort Davis is in the right location – far enough away from big towns for city lights to dampen star visibility and at an ideal high elevation in the mountains – making it an awesome location for star gazing. Hence, why UT built the observatory.

McDonald Observatory Star Party in Fort Davis, Texas #travel(Photo Cred: Michael Cummings)

As you can see in the picture above, at the Star Party an instructor/scientist/genius points out constellations with a high-powered laser. I’m telling you, you’ve never seen so many stars (both shooting and stationary) as you will here. After the laser presentation is done, you have an opportunity to view really neat space stuff (highly technical term, I know) through super fancy telescopes.

One thing I’ll say – don’t do Big Bend National Park and a Star Party in the same day. It was way too much driving for one 18 hour period, and we were so exhausted by the end of it. We only did it so we could fit everything in, but in an ideal world we would have had more time.

Dinner at the 12 Gage Restaurant at the Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas #travel

After all that driving and star-gazing, we were pretty hungry. So, after we made our way back to the Gage Hotel, we ate a late dinner at the 12 Gage Restaurant. Do yourself a favor and order the elk. Amazing.

The next morning, we woke up and headed back home to Austin. But, along the way, we stopped at the Caverns of Sonora – a really beautiful underground cave formation – to break up the drive a bit.

Caverns of Sonora in Sonora, Texas #travelCaverns of Sonora in Sonora, Texas #travel

Above is one picture I took from inside the formation during our tour, which lasted about an hour and a half. Below is a shot of a natural pool inside the cave.

Caverns of Sonora in Sonora, Texas #travelcave selfie in the Caverns of Sonora in Sonora, Texas #travelCave selfie…. necessary.

All in all, I’d say it’s worth a stop at the Caverns of Sonora if you’ve got the time. It was definitely a unique experience that makes you really appreciate nature and God’s obvious hand in it.

Beer pit stop in Fredericksburg, Texas #travel

Last but not least, we happened to hit Fredericksburg just in time for happy hour (happy dance), so we stopped there for dinner and a German beer. It’s such a cute little town with an awesome main street area full of shopping and all things German – heritage, beer, and food. After dinner there, we decided it’s next on our list for another little Texas getaway.

But until then….



Merry Christmas from the Whites

Merry Christmas from the White Family #merrychristmasMerry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re spending this day surrounded by family and friends, eating a wonderful meal, opening that gift you’ve been wanting, and that you’re truly celebrating the real reason for the season.

“For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6 






A Modern Look for Christmas at the Traditional Caswell House

Black Halo two-piece red dress #fashion #christmasChristmas at the Caswell House #austin #christmasChristmas at the Caswell House #austin #christmasBlack Halo two-piece red dress with a Mark & Graham Christmas present for the husband #fashion #christmasBlack Halo two-piece red dress with Stuart Weitzman 'Nudist' pumps #fashion #christmasChristmas at the Caswell House #austin #christmasChristmas at the Caswell House #austin #christmasMark and Graham Christmas gift for the husband #christmas Black Halo two-piece red dress with Stuart Weitzman 'Nudist' pumps #fashion #christmasChristmas at the Caswell House #austin #christmasChristmas at the Caswell House #austin #christmasBlack Halo two-piece red dress with Stuart Weitzman 'Nudist' pumps #fashion #christmasBlack Halo two-piece red dress with Stuart Weitzman 'Nudist' pumps #fashion #christmasChristmas at the Caswell House #austin #christmasBlack Halo two-piece red dress w/ J. Crew statement earrings #fashion #christmasChristmas at the Caswell House #austin #christmasBlack Halo two-piece red dress with Stuart Weitzman 'Nudist' pumps #fashion #christmasDress: Black Halo (runs small so size up, also available in black) // Pumps: Stuart Weitzman // Earrings: J. Crew (sold out, alternative option here) // Watch: Kate Spade // Bracelet: Stella & Dot // Lip Color: Bobbi Brown (Red) // In the Box: Mark & Graham monogrammed pajama set

Every year my husband and I co-host a Christmas party with some friends of ours who work in our same industry, and each year more and more of our friends and family join us. The past several years, we’ve had it at the historic Caswell House, located just north of downtown in Austin, which is fully decorated for Christmas. There’s an open bar (duh), we bring in food from Whole Foods, hire a piano player, and use it as an opportunity to dress up.

If I’m being honest, the main reason we decided to host an annual party is so I could have another excuse to dress up. Austin is a pretty casual town, so opportunities to really get dolled up are few and far between. And, hunting down the perfect dress for the party has definitely become a tradition of its own. In the past, I’ve chosen more traditional cocktail dresses with either sequins or lace, but this year I wanted to do something a little different.

I knew I had found the right dress when I ran across this two-piece number by Black Halo at Bloomingdale’s. It was just the right shade of red, plus it’s a more modern and trendy style than I usually lean towards. I also finally bought some Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudist’ pumps to wear with it (I didn’t want any shoes that took away from the dress), and I seriously don’t know what took me so long to pull the trigger on these. They’re pricey, but if you want a pair of simple pumps you can wear with anything – I highly recommend these.

Merry Christmas,


P.S. To see what’s in the box, click here.

Outfit pictures taken by the lovely and talented Jessica Scott, Caswell House images by Liz the Austinite. 


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